Friday, June 24, 2011

"Ba Ba Ba BAD...Bad to the Bone"

I have always had this secret desire to be a rebel and I really am quite the rebel.

For example, I went to the park after dark! That is right, you heard it! I am BAD to the BONE! But then I got caught by the police. Yep, the police yelled at me. That's how bad I am!

I also speed. I have TP'd a couple houses, one of which the sprinklers went on later that night. I have been accused of murdering a fish.(Wrong place at the Wrong time). I play music way too loud where my dad has threatened to ground me back in high school.

Okay okay, so I really am not that Bad to the Bone. I have never had a sip of alcohol. I never ditched school, not even on senior ditch day. I have never smoked. I have never stolen anything although one time I went to a movie when I was thirteen. I told them I was twelve years old so I could get the cheaper price. The entire movie I felt so guilty that when the movie was over, I gave another dollar bill to the theater.

Anyway, we had a ward Karaoke night and each FHE group had to do a number. With my secret desire to be bad to the bone, I decided that we need to do that song. By performing this song, we got to dress up Bad to the Bone as well! The performance was.... interesting. But it was a good time.

Yep... I am Bad to the Bone!

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