Monday, November 29, 2010

"When Christmas Comes to Town"

Why I love Christmas:

-Every year my dad puts up Christmas lights and the Christmas tree. And every year with out fail he gets super frustrated and shouts "Bah Humbug". It would not be Christmas with out his shouts of frustration as the Christmas decorations are going up!

-I love Christmas music. It makes me super happy. I have this rule that you must wait until after Thanksgiving before you can play Christmas music but as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music 24/7.

-Everyone seems to be a little more giving. A lot more people start to focus on Service and helping each other out.

-Family time


- Its a time for us all to celebrate Christ and his birth. I love that our attention is focused on Jesus Christ.

and so much more

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Pictures of me, Picture of You"

I came home for Thanksgiving and on my moms computer the screensaver is a picture slideshow. My computer has this too and whenever it is going, I am completely fascinated by the pictures that come up. On my mom's computer it is all the pictures she has taken for a long time, so a lot from my high school days. It was great seeing some of the pictures of me from high school and it made me want to post some good olden day pictures.

The four of us in High School

Yeah... we are still the same!

My first Job, Ponderosa! Alfonso, my best friend at Work!

My first play... would you want to run into me in a dark alley? I think not!


The three amigos! I love us then and I love us now!

I love looking at these pictures but I know that those moments I had growing up are what made me who I am today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"I Believe there are Angels Among Us"

This week was pretty tough, a lot to do with school. It was a fight to make it through but I did it! I know it was because of the Angels in my life that I was able to get through it. Like the random girl in the library.

I had a huge paper due for my class and I planned on printing it off at the library on my way from work to class, so I had about five minutes to be at the library before I needed to leave. Of course, the computer that is open just for you to check something, wouldn't let me open up my file, it jumbled everything up. Getting nervous I would not be able to print this paper I looked around desperately for a computer to sign into. I saw one and ran to it. The girl sitting next to it said that it might work, so I thought I would give it a chance but no such luck. Word was not on that computer. Starting to feel that I would not be able to print this paper, I looked around the computer area praying that someone would leave. The girl that had told me the computer probably wouldn't work could see my fear and sadness and offered for me to use her computer. I am so grateful for that act of service! Even though the printer completely printed everything wrong, I was able to print my paper off and make it to class on time. I found a way to print a second copy, black and white, but not messed up and my teacher completely understood the mishap.

So thank you Angel in the library, you may never realize how much that little act of service touched me and calmed me down in my moments of complete stress, but it did.

The second Angel is much closer to me then a random person in the library. It is my brother Shane. Shane, I am so glad that I am blessed to live so close to you. You have been an amazing older brother to me. Thank you to Shane and Sam for having me over to dinner multiple times, I really appreciate it. They have been the best meals I have had all year!

The same paper I talked about earlier has been the thorn in my life. I couldn't figure out how to write it and I had no motivation or enough good sources to write this paper. So, this was probably one of the worst papers I have ever written. Feeling pretty bad about it, I asked Shane to edit it for me. He spent two hours fixing it and helping it become a semi okay paper. Thank you Shane I really appreciate it.

Thank you also for forcing me to play ping pong with you all through high school, I may have hated it then and it may have caused some of our biggest fights, but I have now been able to impress many with my skills.

Shane, thank you for everything you have done for me. I really am truly grateful to have you live so close to me and that you are my brother.