Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The Name of the Game"

So, a couple summers ago I went and lived with my sister and then I went and helped her out a little bit more the next summer after that. During my time there, they introduced me to the game Doodle Dice. Then as a thank you present, they gave me Doodle Dice the game! I was pretty excited! I think that game is a lot of fun!

Well, little did my sister know how much I would play or how many people I would get obsessed with this game. So, over the past couple years, I have played this game with many different people.

One of my good friends Curtis also fell in love with this game and he knew how much I loved this game. So, for my birthday present he gave me my own version of doodle dice. Instead of the faces that they have on the dice, he put my face in place of it! Pretty funny!

I also got my friend Tyler hooked on this game. At the little gathering for my roommates goodbye, Tyler pulled out Doodle dice and the two of us played. Of course, others couldn't stay away from it and soon it became the main event! It got pretty intense, but I am happy to say... I won!

Right when it is getting good, everyone is stealing cards from each other and blocking each other!

Brent is deep in thought about what he will go for

I guess I look scared... it was pretty intense

Okay... so maybe some people were not as into it as others!

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  1. I LOVE the personalized "Tiare" version of Doodle Dice! Wow, I definitely had no idea how much use that game would get!! Thinking about it brings back memories of that summer---we miss you!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks in AZ