Friday, July 1, 2011

"Long Distance Runner"

I am doing a Ragnar!!!!

For those of you that don't know what a Ragnar is, it is a giant relay race. We are on teams of 12 people and together we run about 200 miles. This one is down in Vegas, so we start at Lake Mead and then we will finish in Vegas. Each person runs three legs usually around the length of 3-6 miles. It starts at about 8 in the morning on Friday and goes through the night and finishes around the afternoon of Saturday!

About a year and a half ago, I went down to Vegas to cheer on my friend as she ran the Ragnar in Vegas. As I watched all these teams cross the finish line, I found myself thinking about how fun this would be to do, have something that everyone has to work together as a team for. At that time though, I hated running so it was more of a long off wish that I didn't think I would ever do. Then as I started running and training for my first half marathon, the thoughts of a Ragnar slowly started appearing again. But then I realized I would need to find a team, and those thoughts disappeared again.

Well, a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine from work asked if I wanted to do one with him. I immediately said yes. Then we talked about how we should get a team together from work. So, one by one friends from worked joined our team. Even my supervisor joined the team! I have a couple friends from my ward doing it as well. Yesterday, Chris informed us that he successfully registered for the Ragnar!!!! So, its official! I am finally able to check this one off of my bucket list!

This is my leg:

First Leg: 6.5 miles Hard
Second Leg: 2.7 miles Easy
Third: 6.5 miles Moderate

I am runner number 12, so I will be doing the 12th run, the 24th run and the last one!!! I will admit I am a little scared about the 6.5 miles hard but I think this will be a great thing that will push me and help me be a better runner! Especially, since it is looking like in one year I will be running a full marathon!

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