Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"He's Going the Distance" (or she :))

WE DID IT!!!! I have now successfully ran my second half marathon and it was great! Well, I can say great now that it is over and I am no longer that sore!

Friday right after work, we all went to the Marriott to pick up our bibs and shirts! There were people everywhere, but it was what I needed to get pumped for the race. Before that, I was terrified about it. But being surrounded by lots of people who are all doing the same thing, it is impossible to not get excited!

After we picked up our packets, we went to Mimi's Cafe to either Carb load or as Rachelle was doing, Chocolate load for our race. I think I like the way she thinks about preparing for a race!

Then it was race day! We woke up early, had banana and were on our way. The race started up a little higher than it did last year, but I was happy about that because that meant more time in the canyon and less on the boring University Ave.

I kept up with my dad and Rachelle for the first three miles but after that, I knew if I kept at their speed I would die for before the race. So, I slowed just a little and I was just barely behind them for most of the race.

Mile 8 things started to get a lot harder. But I was still going a little over 9 1/2 minute pace. Which is faster than I usually run. That was about when my mom and Sam showed up to cheer for us! It was great they would drive back and forth and when ever they passes us, they would scream out the window! I loved it, every time they would pass it would get me going again.

At mile 11, I started to tell myself it would be okay if I walked. It turned into this huge internal battle for the rest of the race, I am happy to say the running side won and I didn't walk! Also at mile 11, I had a friend that came and cheered for me! It was exactly what I needed. That was the point where I didn't know if I could keep running but having him there and tell me I was doing great helped so much! And I kept going and I did do great! It's times like these when you really realize that Heavenly Father is looking out for you. I know that Heavenly Father put those little supports along my way because he knew that I would need it. Every time my mom and Sam drove by or I passed by my friend was when I needed the support the most!

I finished the race at 2:08, beating my time from last year by 15 minutes! My dad and Rachelle both finished at 2:02! So, we all did amazing in my mind!

I had to go to the medic tent after because I looked down and saw that my shoe had blood on it, so that meant my foot was bleeding pretty bad. It was just a blister that had been bleeding the whole time, but I felt pretty legit!

I had two cousins do the marathon part! So we stuck around so we could cheer for them and chat with them at the end!

Heidi who finished her FULL marathon in 3:27!!! Amazing! That is 7:55 minute miles for 26 miles! She is my hero!

And my cousin Nate, who did the FULL marathon in 3:55! Once again, super fast and another hero!

There was this poster on side that someone had put up that I really liked! It said "Tough times only last for a little while, tough people last forever" Its true, the hard times we go through, they will be over at some point but as a result of those hardships, we become so much stronger. That is what will last forever. I learned that with this half, those last two miles were super hard. I just wanted to give up at some points but I didn't. I knew that in 20 minutes, those miles would be over. Because I kept going, I proved to myself that I could do it. That I was strong enough to finish that race and it made me stronger! That will last forever!

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