Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Go the Distance

Well, its official! I am doing a half marathon again! I had some problems with running last semester due to some pretty bad shin splints but I feel that those are now gone and I can begin again!

Last year, my dad did it with me which was amazing! It was a really cool daddy/daughter bonding experience! Plus, I ran so much better when I was with my dad, something about running with him helps me to believe that I can keep going. Even when I felt like 13.1 miles was a crazy amount to run and there was no way I would be able to do that, when I was running with him I felt like I could!

This year, my dad is once again doing it with me but Rachelle is also running it with us! We have all signed up so there is no turning back now! I am so excited to be able to do it with her this year as well!

I started running again yesterday. Pretty entertaining experience as I tried to run outside. Sidewalks were completely covered in bumpy icy snow so it was an interesting experience to have my first run after a long break be! Even though it was bumpy and scary, it felt so good to be running again!