Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful...for a lot!

Well, I failed at the whole post every day something I am thankful for. So, I am just going to do a big one right now and make up for the past ten days that I didn't do!

-I am so grateful for traditions. I know that once I get married there will be my traditions, Thomas's traditions plus trying to create our own traditions. But no matter what, traditions give a sense of home and familiarity and that is what is so great around the holiday times. Those traditions are what make it okay to not be at home on Thanksgiving and I know that it will help to have traditions with my own kids. Give them something to look forward to, give them something that when they move out or things change, they will have that familiarity of the traditions we do. Because things can change all the time, but its those traditions that can stay the same and help with the transitions of life.

-I am grateful for my Aunt and Uncle who took Thomas and I into their home today for Thanksgiving dinner. They really didn't need to do that, they already had all their kids at home to celebrate with. But they made room at the dinner table for Thomas and I to join. That is the spirit of Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for that. I had a delicious dinner today and family time because of them.

-I am grateful for my Grandparents who took me into their home for the past couple months and allowed me to take over their basement and live with them. I know that it was a bit of a sacrifice for them to deal with all my junk in that basement but they did it with so much love for me. I don't know what I would have done with out them in my life. They have helped me so much over the years of my life, especially the past five years of my life.

-I am grateful for the new adventures that are coming my way. I just moved into my going to be married apartment and as I sit in here alone right now, I realize there are so many adventures that are ahead of me. It can be hard not knowing what comes next, but I am grateful for those adventures that are coming my way and for the courage to jump into those adventures.

-I am grateful for all the random people in my life. I have started to realize that there are a lot of friends that I have that truly care about me. I have people at work who genuinely care about my life. They ask me questions, they get excited when I get a promotion, they listen to me when I just want to talk and they are true friends. There are people from school or from church that do the same thing. Its all those little conversations that really make a difference in my life.

-I am so grateful for my talents. A lot of times we are all way too hard on ourselves and we put down any of the talents that we do have. I don't think that is what our Heavenly Father intended for us to do with our talents. I think he expected us to use them and let them grow and be grateful for what we do have. I am so grateful for the talents that I do have. I am grateful for them because they make up who I am and that is pretty great!

-I am grateful that my cruise ship didn't wreck at sea! I just saw Life with Pi (which is an AMAZING movie and I say you all should see it) but watching the entire ship wreck scene was terrifying. I was just imaging how I would have reacted if that happened to me on my cruise, how I would have reacted or what I would have done. It was a terrifying thought. So, I am extremely grateful for all my safe travelings that I have had up to this point!

-I am grateful for the change the education that I have received. I feel like that has helped me so much with my life. I am grateful not just for what I learned in the classroom but also for all the things I learned outside of the classroom as I have attended BYU. I am also grateful that I came to BYU  because it was there where I met Thomas. So, BYU is a pretty great place!

- I am grateful for modern day things that we have and take for granted every single day, like toilets, fridges, stoves, microwaves, cars, phones, computers, lights, heaters, water heaters... I think my list can go on and on. I loved being able to talk to my grandparents about the things they have seen happen in their lifetime. It reminds me how lucky I am to have all these things just at my finger tips.

-Last of all, I am grateful for Thanksgiving. Yes, I feel that it is extremely important to count our blessings every single day but I think Thanksgiving helps remind us to do that. It allows us to see just how amazing our lives are. When you really look into it, you can see that there is so much to be grateful for. I don't know what I did to get all these great things in my life, but I am filled with gratitude for everything. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday and I wish we had it more often!

Well, sorry that I was a little bit lazy the past week but there it is!

Now, I am thankful that I can play Christmas music! Now is the time for the giving part of Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Day 8.9.10

Day 8
Day: I am thankful for chances to sit on a blanket and watch flag football. And I got to meet a BYU Basketball sad claim to fame! But still grateful for it! :)
Life: I am grateful for technology that allows us to stay connected with friends and family. That is pretty neat! Especially with my family being all over the United States.

Day 9
Day: I am grateful for SNOW!!! I love snow so much and Utah had a snow storm and it was amazing!
Life: I am grateful for vision. Without my vision I wouldn't be able to see the beautiful snow, the movies, the people around me, even my own blog I can see! That is definitely a sense that we take for granted and don't realize how much we base live off our vision!

Day 10
Day: I am grateful for fun BYU sports and boots to wear in the cold.
Life: I am grateful for heaters and warm homes. After two games out in the cold, I wanted to be warm so bad and it was nice because I could just go home and eventually I did warm up!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Day 7

Life: I am thankful for all the people who love and support me with everything I do. Both Family and Friends

Day: I am grateful for the gift cards that I have which allow me to be able to go out to eat!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Day 6

Life: I am thankful for my rights as a citizen of the united states to vote for who I think would be a good leader of this country. Both times I have voted, my person I voted for didn't win but I still think it is a great country that allows us to vote. And I am grateful to have all the other freedoms that I have as an American. This is a great country!

Day: One year ago today, I asked Thomas Nord to give me a second chance and he said yes. I am so grateful he did that because now one year later and we are engaged and have just a little over a month before we are married!

"Proud to be an American"

I have to admite, I am excited to have the election over with. I am excited to see who the new president is going to be. Its going to be intense and a close one. Tonight, Thomas and I are going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the news while we eat some delicious wings. I think that is the best way to watch the elections! I mean, what can be better than wings!

But I have to admit, I usually avoid politics like it is the plague. I find that politics turn people into vicious and attacking animals! I have never seen something change how someone acts so fast as I have seen politics change someone. For example, a friend of mine on facebook did something that I am sure was just to see what reactions he could get out of people, and he sure did get reactions. But he basically asked people to share their views on who he should vote for. Well, 51 comments later, people were calling each other stupid and morons because they were voting for someone that they didn't agree with. Yes, it did provide Thomas and I with some great laughs as we saw the comments get more and more intense. But I am sure that these people on a normal day wouldn't call someone stupid because they share a different view. So why is it okay when it is dealing with politics. It is like someone said its bad to call each other mean things...unless they share a different political view then you.

It was just sad to see one status on facebook make about 10 people angry and start calling each other mean things. And its not like this was the only time, pretty much everything on facebook is getting mad at each other because we are different.

I just think that is sad, that something like voting for a president is very american, it makes us all turn into something that I really wouldn't consider to be the American way. I am sure that when our founding fathers created this system, they weren't planning on us all destroying each other because we have different opinions. In fact, this country is about celebrating our differences and embracing each other because of them.  So, when you start to find yourself getting worked up over someone else's political views, stop yourself from doing something that you normally wouldn't do. Realize that it is okay to have different opinions because for the most part, we all want the same thing. For our country to be better. I don't think there are that many people that want someone who will destroy our country and want them to be president for that reason.

So, yes, go vote because it is important that we do practice our freedom to vote and vote for who we think is president. But don't change who your are or do something you might regret just because someone is going to vote for the other guy. Don't let politics destroy your relationships, because it isn't worth it. Those who you love are much more important than making the other person see you are right!

Happy election day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5

The thing I am grateful for today is a loving fiance who takes care of me when I am not feeling good. And who humors me and puts on his half marathon shirt when I am wearing mine because he knows it will make me smile.

I am very grateful for my good health. Today, I had a little break from good health with some stomach pain and I am very appreciative that at this point in my life I am pretty healthy. I don't know if I could be strong enough to deal with something longer than a couple of hours! haha. But I have found that good health is something I have appreciated enough and taken for granted. So, I am grateful for that in my life!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful day 4

Here are the two things I am grateful for today:

Day: I am grateful for my grandpa's milkshakes. No one can make them like he does and they bring back great memories of when we would come to visit my grandparents and he would make us milkshakes! He made them again today and it made me really happy

Life: I am so grateful for the gospel. I really don't know where I would be without it in my life. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have that I am a daughter of God and He loves me. He is always there for me and will never stop being there for me, even when I do stupid things. He is a loving Heavenly Father and I am so grateful for that!

"That I am thankful"

So, I have been seeing a lot of statuses on facebook saying each day what they are grateful for and I think that is an excellent idea. I love thanksgiving for that reason, its a time for us to see all the good we have in our life. Maybe we are going through a rough time right now or this year but if we really look at our lives, we will see all the blessings that we have. So each day, I am going to post something that happened that day that I was grateful for and something in my overall life that I am grateful for. I will do the first three days in one post but then try to do a post each day. I challenge all of you to do this as well. You don't need to post it necessarily but at least each day point out the blessings you do have!

November 1st
Life: I am grateful for my wonderful fiance. He really does support me in everything that I do even when my idea's might be crazy. He tells me every day that I can do amazing things and that I can be successful. He is my biggest cheerleader. He loves me and I love him. He supports me and I know that I will always have that support!
Day: I almost got in a crazy accident if it hadn't had been for promptings from the Holy Ghost. I was driving home from Thomas' and came to an intersection where there are two left turning lanes. I was in the most right one, so I could choose to go left or straight. There was someone who was in the most left one which meant they had to go left. When I stopped at the light, I had a feeling that the car would go straight but I decided that was ridiculous and ignored that thought. Well, the light turned green and I pulled forward and began my left turn. I had a much stronger feeling to gun it ahead of this guy and as I pushed my foot on that petal, I turned to my left to see the car coming straight at my door only inches away. I cleared the intersection and checked my rearview mirror to see that car did indeed go straight through the intersection. Still to this moment, I am amazed that I made it through with no accident. I am so grateful that I did and that I listened.

November 2
Life: I am grateful for a job. Yeah, I know that I complain and I struggle with the fact that I am working in a call center as a college graduate but I am so grateful that I have a job. I am making in income and I get medical benefits. I know that right now in the economy, jobs are not just expected and I am so grateful to have one!
Day: I am grateful that Thomas for the nicer weather. It is November but this week the weather has been in the 50s/60s and I love it!

November 3
Life: I am grateful for my parents. They have taught me so much through out my life and they have really helped me become a strong independent person that I am today. They love me for me and they tell me that no matter what I am doing, they are proud of me. I am grateful that they got to come out to Utah last week and they were there at the finish line when I did the Halloween half.
Day: I am grateful for the experiences to learn more about different cultures. Thomas and I went to a Russian store in Salt Lake City today and I got to try some of the food and drinks that are from Russia. I may have hated the drink but I still loved seeing and trying something else from another culture!