Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Its Fathers Day! I had to give a shout out to my dad! I love my dad, he is pretty awesome!

First, he is the main part of how I started running. Two New Years ago, I was coming up with what I wanted to make as goals. I was in a major changing life mood, so I was coming up with some extreme ideas. Ones that secretly I knew I would not keep, like running a half marathon. So, I told that to my dad, still thinking that there was no way I would do that. He got so excited by this idea and said he wanted to do it with me. Well, there was no turning around after that! I am glad. It made running better because I knew I was training to do this with my dad. We would talk to each other about how our training was going. I now have done two half marathons with him and maybe there is a chance of doing a full marathon with him!

I don't think I can remember a real moment where my dad got mad. I never heard him yell... well, unless Duke was around. That was the only time though. He was always calm and I thought that was amazing. From his example, I try to remain as calm as possible. I try not to yell or get angry because that is what I saw my Dad do.

My dad is a hard worker. He goes above and beyond at his job. He starts at one position and they immediately promote him to one of the highest positions. Then after working all day, he will come home, help with dinner, help clean the house and help with everything. I have never heard him complain or say that he needs to sit because he has been working all day. He will immediately help my mom with whatever she needs.

My dad has always believed in me and been proud of me for what I am doing. He has never showed disappointment. When I felt that I didn't do well in school he would always tell me that I was doing great. He was proud of me because he knew that I was trying. His belief in me helped me so much growing up and now.

Thanks Dad for being the best Dad for me! I love you lots!

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