Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Ready to Run"

Oh my goodness! I can not believe that Saturday is the Half Marathon already! I have been training for this since January, of course, training not as well as I had wished but still training. I have mixed emotions at the moment. I'm excited yet terrified, pumped yet nervous, ready yet NOT ready!

I did my ten mile run on Saturday and it was hard! I had to do the run in an unfamiliar place because I was in Seattle. So, I didn't know what would be around the bend of the trail. Another item that I wasn't sure about was I didn't know how safe the trail was. Who knows if the murderers and rapists were waiting for me to come run by them. So, I was on my toes, ready just in case I got attacked.

Of course, when I started thinking this way, everyone became prime suspects of attackers. I was running along the trail minding my own business when I spotted someone up ahead of me. I started to scope out the situation. It was an old man with a cane... or so it seemed. I immediately started getting ready for this "old" man to take his cane and trip me. So, I picked up speed sprinting my fastest until I was so far past him I couldn't see him again. Now, that might not have been the smartest idea because I still had about 6 more miles to run and I was exhausted!

I had to do this several times, there were lots of older men walking on the trail that morning and I couldn't trust a single one of them!

Luckily, my half marathon, there are way too many people so I will not have worry about getting attacked! So no random sprinting past each person!

Another problem I encountered was hills. There were these long never ending hills on this run. My muscles were screaming at me the entire time, trying to get me to stop. But I couldn't. Well, to be honest, I conveniently took water breaks about half way up the hill because I couldn't make it. It was a great excuse stop without feeling like I was cheating!

But I ran this race before, I know what to expect with the hills. I have practiced many times up in the canyon, so it won't be anything new.

I can do this!

Also, if you all want to come cheer and support I would love that! Its amazing how a cheer from a friend can help me to keep going!

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  1. WooHoo!!!!!! I am so excited that the race is finally here! I will protect you from the murderers and rapists during the race :-)