Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Going to the Chapel and Were Gonna Get Married"

Shane and Sam got married last week! Its so crazy to think that my brother is now married! I am super happy though and I love Sam! So I am super excited to have her in my family now.

Since this was a great excuse to get the entire family together, we decided to make the most of it! My parents rented a lake house in Sandpoint, ID and we all spent the week there. It was a great time with the family.

Tuesday we went to Silverwood, which is the theme park in that area. It was fun but a little chaotic with all the kids. In the beginning of the day, Shane, Ryan and I separated ourselves from the family and went on all the big rides. Then after lunch I spent the rest of the time with Rachelle, Stephanie, my mom, and all the kids! They really enjoyed the parachute ride, so we did that one multiple times!

Wednesday was a little more relaxing but we did go boating in the afternoon. They didn't have a wake board that we could rent which was a little upsetting because I have been wanted to try that again for four years now, but they did have a tube! So at first we let the younger kids have a turn. So, I had a nice relaxing ride with Kaiya. Then later Ryan wanted to go with someone and so I went with him. It was so much more intense then Kaiyas ride! But I held on longer than Ryan! Yes, this is one of my prouder moments in life!

Thursday we had the rehearsal dinner for the wedding! Mckay, Rachelle, Jayson and I had prepared a surprise musical number for Shane and Sam... Peanut Butter and Jelly! It was a great performance!

Friday, Shane and Sam got married in the Spokane Temple! We took pictures because their ceremony wasn't until 2 and we wouldn't have time after to do so. Then everyone went into the temple while Ryan and I had to take care of 11 kids at McDonalds! It definitely was a stressful hour! But the kids are adorable, so it was enjoyable! The reception was that night and then Shane and Sam were gone!

That was the end!

"Lets Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"

Well, I decided to do it! I got a blog! I don't think my life is very exciting but someone told me that once you get a blog you start looking for the exciting moments in your life and then your life is exciting! So here I am, at the start of my adventure and you are all welcome to join my on this adventure!