Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Always Make me Smile

This summer I was part of the Worlds Largest Water Balloon fight! Great experience being with 4,000 other people throwing waterballoons like crazy!

This artist, Kyle Andrews, decided to make his music video with this as its scene. You can't ever see me in there, but I am there somewhere! I love this song, super cute!


  1. Cute video and great song. That water balloon fight looks like a lot of fun, but it also looked like it could be painful!!! I think I'm glad I wasn't there! You should download that song to use on one of your next wedding videos. It would be perfect!

  2. Awesome video. I assume that the guy wasn't actually there during the fight and that they edited the whole video together afterwards, but it sure looks like the guy was there in some of those scenes.