Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Here Comes the Sun"

For the entire summer, Ginelle and I have been wanting to go to Zions real bad! Every time we thought we could go, something came up and we couldn't. Finally we decided that no matter what, we were going to go Labor Day weekend. A few days after we decided this my friend Bekah called me and told me she got a permit for this sweet hike in Zions on Labor day! How perfect is that!

So Sunday after church we all left for Zions! Ginelle, Zach and I all went in one car. It was a peaceful ride down, we did have to stop for a half hour because I randomly got a little car sick and needed to be on solid ground for a little bit. That night we made some delicious dutch oven enchiladas. And then we slept under the stars that night.

Every since we did laundry with these, we have bonded with grocery carts!

Labor day we woke up and made some baggy omelets, and headed into the park. After an hour ride with 12 people in a eight seater vehicle we were ready for the hike. Two miles into the hike we realized that the permit that lets us on the hike was still in the van. So Sara and Jacob ran back and saved the day and got the permit.

The hike was amazing! We had to go through the river, repel down waterfalls and many other boulders! It was crazy and so fun! I loved every minute of it! We of course sang many songs on our way through. The water was on the cold side so everytime we could see the sunlight we would get excited and sing our favorite, "Here comes the Sun". It was a beautiful site!

After the hike was over at about 7:20, four people went home in one car while the other eight of us loaded into Zachs tiny car to drive an hour back to Bekahs car. A tad bit claustrophobic but a great time. Once we got ourselves in seperate cars, we had to stop for Bekah who also happened to enjoy the feelings of being car sick. We started up again and I guess were all really tired or just enjoying ourselves way too much and missed the turn we needed to get home. We somehow ended up way far away from where we should have been!But we finally were able to get some food in our stomachs and we figured out how to get back to Provo, it was midnight and we still were 150 miles away from home.

So on the road again, we continued this trip till Zach realized he was getting extremely tired. Problem, he drives stick and Ginelle and I don't know how to drive that! So pulling over on the side of the road we figured out that Bekah can drive stick. So, I drive Bekahs car while Bekah drives Zachs car. We continue on for a little over an hour, Ginelle and I singing and loving life, when Bekah also gets too tired to be able to drive safely. So pulling over into a gas station, we decided to take a nap. An hour later, everyone was well rested and we continued our trip onward to Provo. Finally, after almost 9 hours(when it should have been 4) we had made it to our wonderful home the Riviera! I don't think I have been so happy to see that place! It was a really entertaining night and I would not have had it any other way!


  1. That must have been so much fun! I'm jealous! I had to work all day Monday! Nice blog by the way! :)

  2. Great photos and I'm glad you finally made it home alive!

  3. I have never been to Zions! It looks awesome! I will have to make Chase take me.

    I love that your titles are song titles, I noticed that right away! I am looking forward to see how creative you get!