Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the Road Again

Well, about a day after I had been home from my first Zions trip, I was invited to go on another hike. Of course I could not turn down that opportunity. So after two weeks of stressful school work, I was ready to have another little weekend getaway.

This time, I didn't really know most of the people going. It was my friend Becky who had invited me to go and it was her friend Andrew who put the whole thing together. So it was mostly Andrews friends. They had a couple extra spots, so I invited a couple of my friends to come as well.

So Friday afternoon, Marie, Curtis, Reed, and I all packed up the car and started our adventure south. After about five hours, (an hour of which Reed and Marie freaking me out about ax murderers getting us in that dark middle of nowhere area) of driving we arrived at the cabin we were staying at. It was one of Andrews friends cabin and his dad was there with all of us. I met all the people that would be going on the hike and then we went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up early to get ready for the hike. I was a little nervous because I had been getting sick, but I wasn't going to let sickness stop me from going on this sweet hike. The hike was so much fun! It was a gorgeous hike and had lots of different crazy challenges. First we had to get down into the Canyon, so for a little bit of it we were pretty much going straight down the cliff, hopping down from rock to rock. Once we got down there, the water challenge began.

The water was so cold! The kind of cold that as soon as you were in the water, you could not breathe or really even move! So, that made for an entertaining 25 ft. swim in an extremely narrow area. At one part, it was a foot wide! So talk about swimming fears, cold fears and Claustrophobia all at once!

I even cliff jumped at one point of the hike. Andrew and Shaun had both done it and they convinved me to join, I am happy I did! Cliff jumping is a blast. In the actual subway, there are lots of little pools and little waterfalls that lead into them, which served as waterslides for us! Shaun and I took advantage of this and slide into the pools multiple times! The subway was so cool and gorgeous! It was one of those experiences where you start to think about how everything is formed and how nature works.

A little later on in the hike, there was another water slide moment. This one was pretty steep so it was scary to start off going down it. And of course, I went down the wrong part so I got some good air and bruised my butt real bad! But it was fun!

The hike ended with a steep exit out of the canyon! Not the most fun part of the hike, but it was a good little challege. We went back to the cabin after and Pauls dad had made us all chili, which was delicious! Then Curtis, Marie, Reed and I said goodbye to everyone and we left for Provo.

It was such an amazing weekend, and I greatly needed that break. Thanks to everyone who put that together, Andrew for getting the permit and putting the whole thing together, Becky for inviting me and Paul for letting us stay at your cabin.

Here is the adventure caught on film! (My camera's battery died, so I had to just take everyone elses from Facebook and Marie took most of them and she hasn't put them up yet. So I don't have all the moments caught on film yet...)

You can't see it but I cliff jumped from the rock to the right of this picture into that water!

The Subway! Right here was where Shaun and I enjoyed sliding down multiple times into that water!

Four Beautiful girls

The whole group

Amazing waterfalls! Loved this hike so much!

Starting our descent into the canyon.

Love this girl so much!

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