Monday, September 27, 2010

"Anything you can do, I can do better"

I watched Rocky last night with Ginelle, Tomo, Corey, Steve and Reve. After the movie finish, we were all inspired by the music to get up and do something. I am still a little confused at how this subject came up but somehow Corey was making a bet with me. He bet that he could get a six pack before me. I think I must of been on some kind of high from the movie, so I not only agreed to the bet, but I did it with extreme confidence that I would win. Loser has to take the winner to dinner.

Now that it is the next day and I don't have the Rocky music in my head anymore, I have come to the realization that winning this bet is not in my favor. I already have a great disadvantage seeing as he is male, I am female, he is a little more muscular then I am, so he has a nice little head start. So most likely I will be buying him dinner... but I won't go down with out a fight!


  1. Wow, Tiare....better get crunchin' :-)

  2. Want to borrow my hip-hop abs video? It's not so bad! haha