Sunday, November 4, 2012

"That I am thankful"

So, I have been seeing a lot of statuses on facebook saying each day what they are grateful for and I think that is an excellent idea. I love thanksgiving for that reason, its a time for us to see all the good we have in our life. Maybe we are going through a rough time right now or this year but if we really look at our lives, we will see all the blessings that we have. So each day, I am going to post something that happened that day that I was grateful for and something in my overall life that I am grateful for. I will do the first three days in one post but then try to do a post each day. I challenge all of you to do this as well. You don't need to post it necessarily but at least each day point out the blessings you do have!

November 1st
Life: I am grateful for my wonderful fiance. He really does support me in everything that I do even when my idea's might be crazy. He tells me every day that I can do amazing things and that I can be successful. He is my biggest cheerleader. He loves me and I love him. He supports me and I know that I will always have that support!
Day: I almost got in a crazy accident if it hadn't had been for promptings from the Holy Ghost. I was driving home from Thomas' and came to an intersection where there are two left turning lanes. I was in the most right one, so I could choose to go left or straight. There was someone who was in the most left one which meant they had to go left. When I stopped at the light, I had a feeling that the car would go straight but I decided that was ridiculous and ignored that thought. Well, the light turned green and I pulled forward and began my left turn. I had a much stronger feeling to gun it ahead of this guy and as I pushed my foot on that petal, I turned to my left to see the car coming straight at my door only inches away. I cleared the intersection and checked my rearview mirror to see that car did indeed go straight through the intersection. Still to this moment, I am amazed that I made it through with no accident. I am so grateful that I did and that I listened.

November 2
Life: I am grateful for a job. Yeah, I know that I complain and I struggle with the fact that I am working in a call center as a college graduate but I am so grateful that I have a job. I am making in income and I get medical benefits. I know that right now in the economy, jobs are not just expected and I am so grateful to have one!
Day: I am grateful that Thomas for the nicer weather. It is November but this week the weather has been in the 50s/60s and I love it!

November 3
Life: I am grateful for my parents. They have taught me so much through out my life and they have really helped me become a strong independent person that I am today. They love me for me and they tell me that no matter what I am doing, they are proud of me. I am grateful that they got to come out to Utah last week and they were there at the finish line when I did the Halloween half.
Day: I am grateful for the experiences to learn more about different cultures. Thomas and I went to a Russian store in Salt Lake City today and I got to try some of the food and drinks that are from Russia. I may have hated the drink but I still loved seeing and trying something else from another culture!

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