Monday, October 15, 2012

"Albuquerque is my Turkey"

Thomas and I took our first road trip, well our first just us driving together road trip. We went to Albuquerque to visit Shane and Sam. It was a lot of fun! We packed quite a bit into the two days we were there. Thursday, Thomas and I started our adventure after I got off of work, so at about 5:00 we were on the road.  We drove through a lot of creepy small towns but also got to see some beautiful scenery! We arrived in Albuquerque at about 2:30 am.
In the car, ready to go!
Friday, we slept in a little, ate some breakfast and headed out for our first adventure. We went to Santa Fe. That was a lot of fun. We walked around and found the oldest house and oldest church. Never really specified oldest of what... nicely done Santa Fe. Then we went to the Capitol and walked around inside there. 
The oldest Church

The four of us in the oldest church

The oldest house
Shane terrified of the statue

Artistic shot at the entrance of the captital

In the Senate Room

Cool shot

Great Seal of the State of New Mexico
We had to have some good ol New Mexico food, so we ate at tia sophia's for some sopappilla. Those are pretty much stuffed fried bread and then they also use the fried bread for desserts as well. Then the key to new mexico is you have to have the Chili sauce It was actually quite tasty.

We were going to go on a hike and do some outdoor stuff but a freak storm hit us! Winds were super strong and it was pouring! So, we stopped in Las Alamos and learned about the Manhattan project at this sweet free museum! And then we ended the day with watching Shane and Sam and their mad volleyball skills. They won their game!

Sweet Action Shot
Saturday started off very early. 4:15 A.M. my alarm clock went off and I was getting ready for the day. But it was totally worth it! We went to the balloon festival and it was AMAZING. We got there extremely early, so we walked around not quite sure what to do. We could see some balloons starting to get blown up so we walked down to that end. Later we found out that these first ten or so balloons were the Dawn Patrol and they were the ones that did a little glow show and then went up in the air first. I guess to make sure everything was okay. We then met a couple pilotes and then even watched one balloon from the start to the end. Shane and Thomas pretty much became part of the crew as they had to hold down the balloon and then launched it into the air and put away their fan and tanks. I think there were at least 200 balloons at this fiesta! It was Amazing!

Dawn Patrol

My attempts at getting cool photography

More balloons started to fill up

The "Zebra's" pretty much controlled the show

Another attempt at cool photo moments

They started filling up all around us!

And then there were hundreds in the sky!

Thomas and I 

Shane and Sam

My favorite balloon is the one right behind us
with the glasses

Thomas excited to be part of the crew

Shane and Sam holding down the Balloon

We got of pilot cards!
The rest of Saturday we ran and watched the football game. Sunday Thomas and I left and made our way back to Utah. It was a great trip. Thanks so much to Shane and Sam for letting us come and stay at their place and for everything! We had so much fun!


  1. Looks like a blast! I am surprised you liked the chili sauce, Tiare, since I know how much you love spice :-)

  2. Haha, yeah, I was extremely hesitant, but it was one of the chili's milder days, so that worked out great for me!

  3. Please post pictures of said creepy small towns.