Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Day 8.9.10

Day 8
Day: I am thankful for chances to sit on a blanket and watch flag football. And I got to meet a BYU Basketball sad claim to fame! But still grateful for it! :)
Life: I am grateful for technology that allows us to stay connected with friends and family. That is pretty neat! Especially with my family being all over the United States.

Day 9
Day: I am grateful for SNOW!!! I love snow so much and Utah had a snow storm and it was amazing!
Life: I am grateful for vision. Without my vision I wouldn't be able to see the beautiful snow, the movies, the people around me, even my own blog I can see! That is definitely a sense that we take for granted and don't realize how much we base live off our vision!

Day 10
Day: I am grateful for fun BYU sports and boots to wear in the cold.
Life: I am grateful for heaters and warm homes. After two games out in the cold, I wanted to be warm so bad and it was nice because I could just go home and eventually I did warm up!

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