Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Proud to be an American"

I have to admite, I am excited to have the election over with. I am excited to see who the new president is going to be. Its going to be intense and a close one. Tonight, Thomas and I are going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the news while we eat some delicious wings. I think that is the best way to watch the elections! I mean, what can be better than wings!

But I have to admit, I usually avoid politics like it is the plague. I find that politics turn people into vicious and attacking animals! I have never seen something change how someone acts so fast as I have seen politics change someone. For example, a friend of mine on facebook did something that I am sure was just to see what reactions he could get out of people, and he sure did get reactions. But he basically asked people to share their views on who he should vote for. Well, 51 comments later, people were calling each other stupid and morons because they were voting for someone that they didn't agree with. Yes, it did provide Thomas and I with some great laughs as we saw the comments get more and more intense. But I am sure that these people on a normal day wouldn't call someone stupid because they share a different view. So why is it okay when it is dealing with politics. It is like someone said its bad to call each other mean things...unless they share a different political view then you.

It was just sad to see one status on facebook make about 10 people angry and start calling each other mean things. And its not like this was the only time, pretty much everything on facebook is getting mad at each other because we are different.

I just think that is sad, that something like voting for a president is very american, it makes us all turn into something that I really wouldn't consider to be the American way. I am sure that when our founding fathers created this system, they weren't planning on us all destroying each other because we have different opinions. In fact, this country is about celebrating our differences and embracing each other because of them.  So, when you start to find yourself getting worked up over someone else's political views, stop yourself from doing something that you normally wouldn't do. Realize that it is okay to have different opinions because for the most part, we all want the same thing. For our country to be better. I don't think there are that many people that want someone who will destroy our country and want them to be president for that reason.

So, yes, go vote because it is important that we do practice our freedom to vote and vote for who we think is president. But don't change who your are or do something you might regret just because someone is going to vote for the other guy. Don't let politics destroy your relationships, because it isn't worth it. Those who you love are much more important than making the other person see you are right!

Happy election day!

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