Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"I want to ride my Bicycle"

Ginelle and I started a new tradition, every Presidents Day, we have a huge bike ride to Utah Lake. We started this one year ago and it was a small group. Just five of us, but we loved it so much! So this year, we decided to turn it into a tradition and we invited anyone who wanted to come. We made it a facebook event and everything so that way we would have more people!

It was great, we rode our bikes to Utah Lake and then walked on Utah Lake since it is still frozed over!

Here is everyone walking or riding their bikes on the lake.

I don't know why but I thought this was a cool shot. Its my friend Corey just chillin on the dock.

Erin (Sam's Sister) , Sam(my sister-in-law), and me on the ice

Getting ready for the bike ride!

Laci testing out a bike she might possibly buy. I am all for her buying the bike, I think that bike is awesome and she would love it!

Corey with his bike.

Jon and Michelle

Sam and Erin

Overall, I thought it was a great first major bike ride of the year! It was pretty nice, a little cold by the end, but no snow! It was amazing! I love my bike rides!


  1. How totally fun! I can't believe that Utah lake was frozen enough to walk on---it is so hot here today that I am contemplating turning on my AC :-)

  2. Rachelle, we here in good ol' utah are all really jealous of your comment. Tiare! I think it would be fun to go on a bike ride with you guys - maybe once we need to be turning on our AC too instead of standing over the heat vent with a blanket.. Thanks for letting me ride up to Becky's shower with you and Ginelle. I had a blast!