Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Come Together Right Now"

We had a relief society retreat this past weekend which was amazing!

We had Brother Brad Wilcox come speak to us for the fireside on Friday night. The words he mentioned really helped me a lot. He talked about how Christ is always with us, that with him we are able to do so much. That Heavenly Father loves us and he focuses on us. He knows that we are trying our best and he knows that sometimes we may fall but he loves us for who we are. Jesus Christ will climb the mountain with us.

He said that we as women tend to think that we need to be perfect all the time, but its okay if we are not going at 100 mph every day. It is okay, if we slow down a little bit. It reminded me of the quote, "You are doing better than you think you are" We tend to think that we are failing if we are not perfect, but that isn't true. We are growing and as long as we are progressing towards our Heavenly Father, then we are okay. Heavenly Father LOVES US! It was such an amazing fireside.

On Saturday morning we had three workshops and we talked about being unified with our self, unified with others and unified with our Heavenly Father. In the workshop my bishop did he showed this video. This video is an example of the goodness we all have in our hearts. It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch this video. I love it so much! It is very inspiring and encouraging.


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  1. The retreat sounds awesome! We have our Stake Women's Conference this weekend...I am looking forward to it---just having some kid free time will be great (and I am sure there will be lots of good messages and stuff too)