Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"They call me Mellow Yellow"

I did it! I finally decided on a favorite color.... well, at least I think I did.

Are you ready for what it is..........


I have realized that I am naturally drawn to the color yellow. My dream house that I want is going to be yellow.

My bike is yellow.

I really want a pair of yellow vans.

I love my yellow earrings.

I want a yellow sun dress

I have been told that I look pretty good in yellow. Which is good because a lot of my bridesmaid dresses have been yellow!

I was looking at someone's wedding pictures admiring the yellow that she had as one of her colors. Yellow and gray.... so cute!

Anyway, I still have doubts but at the moment I feel that my favorite color is yellow and I am happy to finally have made this important decision in my life!


  1. ahaha I love you Tiare! I love yellow too!

  2. I knew you loved it the most all along...yellow is a great choice T!