Sunday, December 19, 2010

"We are the Champions"

On Monday night, I sat down getting ready for a long night of studying after finishing my first final. As soon as I felt ready to start, I got a call from my friend Richard. I guess he and his roommates had tickets to the Jazz game and he had invited me to go with them. After about one second of weighing the option between studying or a Jazz game, I picked the Jazz game!

We started off at the highest row possible but at half time we went down to the fifth row where we saw that no one was sitting during the half time! It was a great and fun experience! Thanks to Richard for inviting me to come!

There were some great fans that entertained me during the game. One had a bag of all sorts of items like, rubber chickens, weird rubber circle things, huge horns and more. He sat right behind the other teams basket so every time they shot foul shots he would throw one of the items up in the air to mess them up. Every time the Warriors would miss, he would nod in approval.

Another, screamed at the Warriors about something while everyone cheered him on. His wife sunk down in her seat so low in embarrassment. He sat down really proud of himself and what he was shouting. I only wish I knew what he had said!

Of course, Jazz won!

Our original seats. Look how tiny the court looks from where we were!

Us showing that we had the wall right behind us since we were at the top!

Closer to the court! Much better!

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