Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deck The Halls

So, we had two Christmas activities in my ward. The first being The Sweater Weather Get Together and then the second being the Temple Square lights and Joseph Smith movie. Let me tell ya, being the ward activites co chair can be really hard. I feel there is a lot of stress and a lot of planning and time that goes into every single activity. But it has been by far my favorite calling.

I am so grateful to have a great committee! We all have become super close through this calling. I love meetings every single week, we all end up joking around and laughing lots. Of course, we get a lot done as well! We even have a cheer that we do at the end of every meeting! What could be better? Thank you committee for the being the best.

Don't you wish you were in this committee?!?

Sadly the church has decided that we can not have activities committees any more, so we were all released today. It was really sad for all of us... not sure what the future holds but I am so grateful for these months I did have! They have been the best. AC, we really are keeping it cool!

Pictures from the two events:

Denny's on our way home from the temple

Marcus and I, being gangsta.

These are some of my bestest friends!

The Ward! Love this!

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  1. So sad that you were released! You did have an awesome committee! Did they give you a new calling?