Friday, December 31, 2010

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?"

Since 2010 is coming to an end, I decided to go back and look at all the pictures I had from this year. It is crazy to think that some of the events and moments in my life that feel as if they were years ago really were just in this year. So, I decided to have some fun and I made collages of all my favorite pictures/moments from each month. I started out by doing two months together but I have way too many pictures for that!

I had a lot of firsts this year! It was a great year! Thanks 2010 for being wonderful.... Welcome 2011!

January and February I first learned how to snowboard. I made it to the final four in the Mario Kart competition, won first place with Collin in the Wards Valentines Date party, went on a great and cold bike ride to Utah lake!
March: I ran my first 5k. I went to the Festival of Colors for my first time as well, where my friend Spencer kissed a llama(yep, that was a first as well!). Planned a great but stressful surprise birthday party for Shelbi!

April: Shane graduated and I helped him with his proposal to Sam. I also went to my first Military ball with Troy. Some great adventures happened with Ginelle and Shelbi at the ward closing party which ended up with me in the river. Lesson learned: some logs float and when you step on them, they sink!

May: My brother Colby married Neeha and this was the first time that my family (just siblings and parents) had been together in four years! It also was my 21st birthday! Also, it was my first time ever trying to sleep on a roof.... however at about 4 in the morning, we gave up!

June: Ran my first ever Half Marathon with my dad! And I survived to tell the tale! Immediately after that I spend two weeks in Arizona with my family and part of that I went with my mom, sister and Gigi with the little ones to Disneyland!

July: Way to much happened in July! I had to delete a lot of pictures that I wanted to be in the collage! I took a fun trip with friends for the fourth of July, we went to McCall which is where Ginelle is from. It was my first time ever getting pulled over by the lake cops and my first time for having cops get mad at me because I do not drink.... interesting. I was on my first intramural team, softball. Never had played softball before in my life but I loved it! Also, I was a part of the Worlds Largest Water Balloon fight. And a daily activity in July for us was bike rides! I also went to my first professional soccer game, The ReAL soccer game.

August: Shane married Sam in August! This was the first time that my entire family, grandkids involved this time, had been together in four years! Also, Ginelle and I cheered on Brad's first Triathlon, which of course he rocked it!

September: School starting again didn't immediately stop my outdoor adventures. I went to Zions twice this month, which was the first time I had ever really been to Zions and hiked. The first hike I did was Orderville and then the second one was The Subway. Both were amazing hikes and both required swimming in the freezing cold water. I am hoping to go to Zions again in 2011! I also had a chance to be on two more intramural teams, flag football and kickball. Neither had I really played before but I think I actually got to be decent at both!

October: I went to the ReAL soccer game again with my brother this time. Since I was activities co-chair I had a little bit of a stressful time planning the Halloween party but I think it turned out to be a huge success. Even though we had the stress of maybe not having any kind of power but that got fixed an hour before the party started! The first snowfall happened and of course we had a little snowball fight with that!
November: I got to go home for the first time for Thanksgiving. Shane, Sam and I drove home and Ryan flew from Texas. So we got to have a nice Thanksgiving at home. I went shooting for the first time in my life during that break. We spent every night in the Hot Tub and of course did some Polar Bear jumps.

December: Once again, we had another huge party but I felt it went really well again! It was was our Christmas party and even though we had a low budget, we managed to get a nice dinner and have the Math Lab only look semi like a math lab! I went to my first Professional basketball game, the Jazz game. I also had a chance to look the Salt Lake Temple lights and watch the Joseph Smith Movie in Salt Lake.


  1. Looks like you had so much fun this year!!! I can't believe how much you did! Now we need to have you and Mae become best friends this year!!

  2. Yes please! :) I need to see you lots more this year! I hate how school takes up so much of my life!

  3. Nice year in review. When do you have time for school (studies)?

  4. Hey :) that was fun to read! Good thing you did this because I rarely see you. We'll have to be getting together for Becky's wedding!!! I'm excited.