Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to you!

I think the reason why I love Christmas so much besides the meaning behind it is because it is constant. We have many traditions in my family and every year it is the same. Christmas is something I can trust, every year it will come and we will do our traditions. It is a constant in my constantly changing life. I know that once I get married and stop going home Christmas, things will change but I also know some of my traditions will carry over.

Tradition Number One:

What use to be my sister making Cinnabons and me trying to help her, I now make the Cinnabons every year. I love this tradition and each year I am getting better at making them! This year, Neeha helped me out a little bit! Every Christmas morning I have that delicious treat to look forward to! I do miss making them with Rachelle a lot. That is one of my favorite Christmas memories is spending that time with her. Rachelle has taught me pretty much everything I know about cooking.

Tradition Two:

Every Christmas morning after we open presents, we eat breakfast as a family. I love this time to have together with my family that I do not normally see during the year. This breakfast is always chocolate milk, cinnabons and little cereal boxes!

Tradition Three:

This one started once we moved to Arizona but it is a version of the Naperville tradition. A nice dinner! I feel that everyone has this. Time for us to spend with family. It is a great time! It is always the same dinner: "Yummy Chicken dish", rice, roads rolls, jello salad, spinach salad and death by chocolate for dessert! That is Christmas dinner for me!

Tradition Four:

When we moved to Arizona we did change some of the things we did. Now, every Christmas Eve we go to dinner as a family at some restaurant and then after we walk around the Mesa Temple and look at the Christmas lights. This year we went to a "Arizona" Restaurant where the owners were super friendly and we ate some Arizona style steaks!

Tradition Five:

Every Christmas Eve we all gather around the Christmas tree while my dad reads the story from Luke 2 and Matthew 2 about Christs birth. Then we go around and each person picks a Christmas Carol to sing and we finish with some fun pictures!

Its tradition to do a pyramid

I know that I can always trust for these traditions to happen. That Christmas is Constant... Christ is constant in my life. I can always trust him to be there for me. I am so grateful to have that strong constant in my life. When I go through all my struggles, Christ is constantly there for me. I love the chance that we all have to celebrate his birth and what he did for all of us.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. haha what you guys always do a pyramid!? You guys are pretty much the coolest family ever.

    I totally agree with CHRISTmas being a constant. we need that in our lives. Now come back and hang out with us please!!

  2. Awwww...I totally miss doing the cinnabons with you Tiare!!! It is fun to carry on the tradition with my kids, though. This year Riley and Kaiya helped me make them, and Jayson had plenty of Bah-humbug moments to remind me of dad :-)