Friday, July 27, 2012

"Its a love story baby, just say yes"

Its crazy to think that one year ago, Thomas and I were just co workers. In fact, one year ago I created an experience at work that I think Thomas would list as one of his least favorite experiences. But I would like to think I have made up for that time over the past year!  Well, here is the story of TNT!

A little over a year ago, Thomas started working at BYU Independent Study because his friend/roommate Justin worked there. I trained Thomas a couple of times but nothing too crazy or special happened.  Through out the summer, I would hang out with Justin and Thomas a couple of times.  At work, I would sit next to Thomas sometimes and as most girls did with him, discuss his dating life. He had strange dating views, pretty much he didn't date. So, one day I brought up this fact to him when we were sitting in a room that had about ten girls in it. He made a comment stating, "I don't want to date because if I do, then I will find someone, fall in love and then want to get married and I don't want to get married till I am at least 26." Well, I thought that idea was so ridiculous, I had been on several dates but that didn't mean I wanted to marry all of them.  (Little did I realize just how that true his comment was.) Anyway, that got about all ten girls involved in the conversation and they pretty much attacked poor Thomas. I felt pretty bad that I had started that but now it will always been a funny memory we share!

First soccer game
It wasn't until the new semester would start when things would change. Thomas and I were sitting at the reception desk at work and chatting about our weekend plans. He invited me to come with him and his roommates to the soccer game. I was planning on going with one of my friends already so I thought that would be fun to join them for the game. Thomas didn't have my number yet and instead of asking for it, he just told me to call Justin and plan everything to him. I honestly thought at that moment that he really wanted to make sure that I knew he had no interest in me. Well, that night I went to the soccer game and it was a lot of fun! After, I went back to his place and as everyone else wanted to watch TV but Thomas didn't want to just sit still and wanted to throw a football. Since I am not much for TV, I totally wanted to throw a football. We did that and then I destroyed him in ping pong. We watched a movie that night with his roommates, and he started to scoot closer to me on the couch(even though he claims I scooted closer to him) but suddenly I found myself wondering if I liked him! It was so unexpected!

Squaw Peak

He actually got my number that night! And I invited him to go on a hike, early Monday morning! Even though he hates mornings, he wanted to come! After he was willing to scale up the side of a mountain with my roommate and I, I knew I was starting to like him. A few days later he asked me on a date! The anti dating boy asked me on a date! The date was a lot more fun and longer than I had expected! We went and played mini croquet and then ate some dinner. After, he wanted to drop me off at home but I recently moved from the riv(keys are just a door code) to a place that actually needed a key. Of course, I forgot my key, no roommates were home and I didn't have my phone! So, I went over to Thomas' and we ended up hanging out all the way to midnight. And I loved every minute of it and that is when I knew I liked him. 

Things went real fast from there, a couple days later he brought me ice cream as I was studying at the library. As we were chatting outside the library, he held my hand! He made dinner with me for my grandma, we went on another date and started spending most days with each other. Then came the first kiss in my kitchen after we made some pudding for my class. Things were real great till I freaked out and broke up with him.

A month later, after lots of growing and learning to let go of pains from past relationships, I was finding myself really missing Thomas. I hated that we didn't talk, that at work he tried his best to not talk to me and that other people were doing things with him and it wasn't me. So, I decided to try to be friends again. I brought him cake for his birthday and we talked for so long. A week or two later, I knew that I needed to talk to him and see if he would give me a second chance. And he did.

I am so grateful he was willing to give us another chance. I really don't know how my life would be with out him. We have gone on so many adventures and I look forward to the adventures that will come! Being poor through medical school, having kids, moving to new locations and anything else, I am excited that it will be with him.









Now that brings me to the Engagement story. Saturday, July 21st asked me to marry him! Earlier that morning he had asked me to go the The Chocolate (a place that serves the most amazing pazookies and it has kind of become our place) and I was all for that. Except that my mom and I went to a bridal expo and we ate a lot of sugary items. So, when I came home I told him that I didn't want to eat there anymore, so I kind of ruined that plan! So, he told me that he wanted to go ride the ski lift and hike stewart falls. So, before we left he gave me a surprise, in a nice little ring box(not the actual ring box but the box that a ring box comes in). So, kind of making me wonder but I opened it to find six headbands(whenever we work out I forget my headband and so my bangs get in my eyes and its annoying. So, now I have six to put every where so I won't forget!). Then on the ski lift he brought his back pack and he would keep nervously opening and closing it. Kind of making me wonder if it was going to happen there or not but then he pulled out another surprise, a photo album with pictures of us! And the last half empty to fill up with the adventures to come!

Then it was too late to do any hiking so we came back down on the ski lift. Thomas decided he still really wanted to have a pazookie at the chocolate before we had to leave for batman.  He suddenly was in a big rush to get to the chocolate. He came up with the plan to drop me off so I could change, go pick his groceries that were at his sisters and change and then come pick me up. Once again, I ruined that plan again! We got in a little debate because I thought he should just wait a minute for me to change and then go with him to his sisters. And I won. Little did I know, the ring was at his sisters. So, he called her while i was changing and told her to disguise it. We rushed off to the chocolate and after we ate the cazookie, he pulled out his last surprise! And asked me to marry him! I made him get on his knee, and then said yes!

July 21st, 2012

The rest is still unwritten!

(sorry, that was kind of long! oh well!)


  1. I am so glad you posted this link on Facebook! What a wonderful story! Congratulations!

  2. yay! I was hoping you would post about this! I'm so excited for you Tiare, congratulations to you both. It sounds like he is a terrific guy, and you are seriously the BEST GIRL EVER! So happy to be your friend. Let's play sometime yah?

  3. Hey! I am so happy for you guys!! I really am happy that you found the man of your dreams Tiare! Thomas is an amazing guy! Married life is such a fun adventure. Good luck with the wedding plans!

  4. WooHoo! Congrats! But where is the picture of the RING??? Love ya!

  5. Oh Tiare!!! I love that it is this long. What a beautiful story...and I got to be an observer for some of it. Thank you for sharing it and I'm sooooo sooooo sooooo excited for you two. YAY!!!!