Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Cowboy Take me Away"

Last night, I had the chance to experience a Rodeo for the first time in my life and it was pretty great! I got a nice plaid shirt for the occasion and headed on down to Nephi with Thomas, Michelle and Sean for the Rodeo.

First, we walked around the carnival outside of the rodeo and checked out all of the rides. I noticed something about all of them. They all were some kind of variation of a circular motion with upside down in there but they still looked fun to do. Sadly, we didn't have time to do any of them but looking was still fun!

Michelle and Sean

Thomas and I

The boys fitting right in!

After we decided to go say hello to the horses and bulls as we were getting to our spots. The bulls were big and they had huge horns! And smelly!

Then it was time for the Rodeo to start! You could tell the announcer was really proud of the Nephi Rodeo and to be American! But he and this creepy clown guy were kind of inappropriate with their jokes, which I didn't really like. In fact, I really really dislike the clown co host. 

The Announcer

The Bulls

They played "Proud to Be an American as this guy fell from the sky! 

We got see the little cowboys get knocked off the little bulls, and then the big cowboys wrestle the bulls. We even saw the big cowboys fall off of horses and then to end it all was the big cowboys falling off of the big bulls. About half way through the rodeo Thomas pointed out this super dark storm cloud heading our way and we got a little nervous that this great weather that we had at that moment was going to come to an end. The announcer assured us all that it wouldn't rain.  Sadly he was wrong and the rodeo was cut short when that crazy thunderstorm came and poured hard just in Nephi! So, we left early not wanting to get struck by lightning or get ourselves too cold!

Watching the Rodeo

Our attempts to protect ourselves from the rain. Then it
poured and there was no hope!

Soaking wet from the storm
Thomas was really sad we didn't see more people get knocked off bulls!

Even though it stormed and we had to leave early, I still thought it was a great rodeo and first experience. It was a lot of fun!

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