Monday, July 2, 2012

"Im proud to be an American"

Just a little update on the life of Tiare Curtis

I took the leap and I moved out of my grandparents house! I am back in P town! And you know what, it was a lot sadder than I thought it would be! I have loved having the chance to live with my grandparents and spend more time with them. But it was time for me to move out on my own. So, I did! It is a nice little place. I have one roommate that I don't see very often.  My ward is super nice which is good and I really liked the bishopric. I am slowly getting moved in and soon it will be a little bit more like home!

I have finished with my training at doTERRA. So, now I am full time answering phone calls and answering questions. I hope that I will soon be very confident in my skills because I am still a little hesitant but I know I will get it. I always do in the end! But it is nice to have a pay check after many many many months of not!

I am going to Portland on Wednesday which I am so stoked for! I guess for Thomas and his Family the fourth of July is a big deal and they light off Fireworks galore! I am pretty excited!  I also gained this whole new love for this holiday yesterday at church.  Many people told stories about how in other countries some people had to hide the religion they practiced and I realized just how much I take for granted that I live in this country.  Because I live in America, I am allowed to express my love for my religion! I am able to go to church or the temple.  I am able to read my scriptures. Something that I haven't even given a second thought but once I heard about the stories of people who had to memorize their favorite verse because once they return home they won't be able to have their scriptures or even practice.

It just struck me at how lucky I am to be an American Citizen.  Suddenly, this time period has so much more meaning and I will proudly wave the flag. I am also super grateful for all those firefighters right now.  I  know that it has got to be one of the hardest jobs right now trying to stop every single fire that keeps starting! They are amazing and are true heroes! Thank you

Anyway, that is all my updates for now! I am sure I will have pictures from my trip! We are rafting and hiking St. Helens! Yeah, its going to be pretty great!

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