Friday, May 11, 2012

"Today is the Day where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten"

Wow, so much has happened over the past few weeks, I graduated, went to Florida, went on a cruise and took my certification exam! But I think I will just take this an update at a time! Let's start with Graduation!

I am officially a college graduate folks! Yep, that is correct, Tiare Curtis is no longer a student! Graduation was pretty great.  My parents came in to town the week before graduation but of course my dad took off on a business trip while my mom and I hung out all week.  It was pretty fun to have her here and actually get to spend time with her.

Thursday was the big commencement where Dallin H. Oaks spoke! We started the day off with a Naperville reunion! It was a lot of fun to see the families I grew up with.

The Girls at Breakfast
 Then after commencement we took lots of pictures and went to Brick Oven for some delicious pizza!

Before Commencement, Shane, Sam, Stacey, Jackie and I

Jackie and I! 

My wonderful roommie and I

All three of us graduated together!

I don't really know what is happening in the picture, but I love it! The people
who came to support on Thursday

And this guy came as well! 

Friday was the day that I actually walked. Since Shane, Sam and I were all graduating, we decided to all go to Sam's convocation so that way we didn't split up the family. After we took more pictures with those that came to this convocation! Thanks to everyone who came! 

The Friday Supporters!

My sweet cousin came and supported!

Shane got his masters!
 Funny story with this next picture... Everyone wanted to see where Shane worked on Campus.  So, we trekked on over to the building that before I realized Shane worked there, I had thought it was an empty run down building. Of course the building in my opinion is close to that and the only elevator they had was a freight elevator. My grandma was in a wheelchair so we needed to use that elevator.  So, onto the elevator we went with my grandparents, grandma, parents, aunt, cousin, me and my brother. My dad and Shane confidently shut the two front doors and pushed the button for us to go up... nothing happened. After a few more button pushing, we decided to open the doors and try again. Yeah, the doors didn't open. So, we were all stuck on this freight elevator in the creepiest building on BYU campus. As you can see, Shane was stressed trying to save us! It was pretty hilarious! Shane managed to get a hold of one of his co workers who came and helped us and when those doors opened, I don't think I have ever seen my grandpa move so fast to get off!

So, Graduation was a pretty great time! Thanks BYU for being an awesome school! (Of course it just lost a lot of awesomeness now that I am gone!!! Just kidding...but really!)


  1. Congrats Tiare!!!! I can't believe my little sister is a college graduate :-) Love all the pictures---I also can't believe that Jackie is all grown up. My fav picture is the last one of you with the cougar!!

  2. Great times! And we're so proud of you!!!

  3. Yay! What a eventful day in my life! Ha ha I love that picture of us! You are so gorgeous! Love you!