Friday, May 18, 2012

"Come Sail Away"

So as if going to Disney World for four days isn't fun enough, we then got to experience what the wonderful life of a cruiser is like! Boy oh boy is it great! On the Friday and Saturday before the cruise, everyone arrived at McKay's place.  It was pretty fun to have the whole family back together(minus Rachelle's kids).  We all went out to lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday and then took some family pictures. The rest of the night we just hung out and prepared for exciting adventures that were about to happen.

Sunday we drove to the port and after security and check in lines we were finally on the boat! We ate some lunch at the buffet, explored the boat some more, went to the sail away party and then headed down to dinner. We ate in this BEUATIFUL banquet room! It was gorgeous and it sure does make you feel special walking into such a fancy eating place.  Every dinner, we would all end up ordering multiple meals because we could! So, I got daring and I ordered lobster, duck and lamb on different nights. Of course, I always ordered a back up that I knew for sure I would like!

Just about to get on the boat! 

Rachelle and me watching the port get farther away from us!

There was an amazing sunset that night! So, we went outside to enjoy it

You should be jealous of my sleeping arrangements!
Monday was our first at sea day. I have always been a little scared of going on a cruise because I watched that one movie Poseidon where the boat gets hit by a tsunami and is turned upside down. Of course, on my first full day at sea, we are stuck in the middle of a crazy storm! But lucky for me, it got me over that fear and the boat remained right side up the whole time! Because it was such a nasty day outside we just spent the day inside playing cards and exploring the boat some more and watching movies. That night for dinner was our first formal night. We all got dressed up so fancy and then of course took lots of pictures afterwords.

At formal dinner

Ryan and Me at formal Dinner


Mckay and Stephanie

Jayson and Rachelle 

Shane and Sam
All the Ladies

And the Men

Its my family! Minus Colby

Ryan found himself a nice new lady friend

Rachelle and McKay entered each other into the finish the lyrics competition

Tuesday was our first port day! We went to Labadee Haiti, which is just a private part of the island that the boat owns.  So all day we just hung out at the beach and enjoyed the sun. By the end of the day we finally decided to splurge and spend money to go in the aqua park which ended up being totally worth it.  We were allowed in for one hour but that hour was well spent and by the end we were all exhausted.

Dad's favorite activity, reading

At the aqua park

My whole family in front of our boat

Mom and Dad at the beach

Rachelle and Jayson

Shane and Sam



Stephanie and McKay

Both Jayson and McKay performed in Karaoke that night. They were the
best two of the night. But the MC guy picked McKay to sing another
song with him! 
Wednesday was Jamaica! And probably one of my favorites! We went ziplining across the farms and jungle life of jamaica and it was a lot of fun! We also visited a little falls that is a big tourist hit I guess. We were a little surprised to see it wasn't a giant water fall like we were expecting but we still had some fun there.

Here we are, ready for the days adventures

Once we arrived at the ziplining place, they gave us some delicious juice!

Getting all harnessed up and ready to go

Rachelle and I getting ready 

Hooking on just before I left the platform

This is the Screamer, its a huge swing that lets you free fall for 40 feet! Pretty
scary but extremely fun!

Sam, Shane and I on the screamer
Rachelle, Jayson and Ryan on the screamer

Sam climbing up the pole

Dad going across

Even though she tried to get out of it,  My mom
really enjoyed this experience

Going across!
At the falls. Shane didn't look in a single picture
Rachelle, Jayson, Ryan and I hiking up the falls

Here they are up close and personal

I guess it was a very tiring day

Our tour guy, Thomas! Besides the scary driving, he was great!
Thursday, I don't have very many pictures of because it was scuba diving day in the Caiman Islands! And guess what everybody, I made it down!!! Woot! After the disaster in san diego with my ears, I was pretty nervous but I did it! I, Tiare Curtis, swam with the fish and I LOVED it! It was so cool to see the ocean life! I definitely want to go scuba diving again! We had another formal that night, so there are a lot more pictures from that night again!

On the way to the dive location

This was still when I was a little nervous about making it down

Formal night pictures! We met a new friend that
night and I think I was laughing about what was
being said. 

Rachelle was practicing with her camera. She took these sweet pictures
of the couples and then one of me and ryan alone

What a great looking family right?

Sweet moon shot!
Friday was our last port day and that was Cozumel! The boys went scuba diving again and this time I hung out with the girls and went parasailing! Bought myself a new bag and a little surprise for my poor man that I left behind! It was a penguin so I think that made up for leaving him for two weeks!

Sam and I at the beach

Stephanie relaxing the shade


The four of us on the boat getting ready to parasail

Sam and I parasailing

My mom and Rachelle

Guess what everybody, Betty Ann Curtis Parasailed! Many years ago, she
said no but she has finally done it!

And the day wouldn't be complete with out holding the iguana

Because I held it, Sam decided she needed to as well

Then Rachelle really felt like she had to 

Waves of Cozumel

We played Mormon rook every single day
Saturday it was back to the sea for us. We swam, rock climbed, ate at johnny rockets and just enjoyed life that day.  It was a pretty relaxing day and I rather enjoyed it!

The Parade on the boat

Our waiter made us dance every time this one song came on

Best part of Johnny Rockets was the AMAZING oreo sunday!

The family with our waiters! They were great!

The moon was amazing that night!

Just some fun shots with the moon
Sunday we packed up and head home.  It was a great trip and I decided cruises are a great idea! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! It was amazing!