Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"I'm getting close to Portland Town"

The last of my major adventures was going to Vancouver Washington with Thomas. His brother was in the musical Beauty and the Beast, so we flew up to see his last show. Friday after I took my certification exam, we headed up to the airport and had a nice and relaxing flight to Portland. When we got to the airport, we were picked up by his dad and brother. It was later in the night by the time we got there, so we just got some ice cream and played some games.

The next morning, I ran thirteen miles on this beautiful trail next to a lake! It was a great run! Had lots of little hills so by the end of the thirteen miles they felt like mountains! But totally worth it!
The trail!

 After getting cleaned up, we headed to downtown Portland.  Boy, that was an interesting experience. The stereotype of Portland is right! It was fun though, we walked all around and even went to this Chinese Garden! That night we went to Thomas's brother play!

Sunday, we had some scones in the morning, went to church and then played basketball and frisbee! I loved it. It was great just to hang out and have fun with Thomas and his family.  They really are so fun and sweet! Thomas showed me around his hometown that night.

Monday we went on a hike in the gorge. It truly was gorgeous! We went past this AMAZING waterfall and then ended at these cliffs. We had lunch at this lodge that is in the gorge and then rushed back to home to head off to the airport. Our very short trip had come to an end.

Now, my life is searching, searching, searching, searching for a job.  Getting frustrated with that, blogging and putting all my pics up on facebook, more searching, finishing wedding videos(sorry they took forever!), searching, editing videos, searching and then hang out with Thomas. You jealous of my days? Yeah, I am jealous of everyone that has a job! This whole no job thing really has been a humbling and different experience. I am living in my grandparents basements pretty much out of suitcases with all my stuff packed up in their corner of their basement.  I am so grateful for their charity and love they have for me to allow me stay in their basement! I am sure all my stuff there is frustrating for them. Then I go over to Thomas every day when he gets home from work.

I just hope I can soon get a job, get my own place again so I can finally feel like I have my place once again and don't have to feel so dependent on everyone else. But I am so grateful for everyone and the help they have given me during this time whether it be food, friendship or living it has helped me so much as I struggle to find a job.

Enjoy the pictures!

Thomas and I in downtown Portland

Thomas and I in downtown Portland

Thomas and I with some bears

Thomas and I in the Chinese Gardens

Thomas mom and brother with us in the Chinese Garden

The waterfall!

On the cliff

In the Gorge

Mt. Hood as we flew by it.  

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  1. Cool pics! I love the one of you and Thomas in front of the gorge.