Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Here's Where the Fun Begins"

First, I know this is a few days later than Mothers Day but I just wanted to say that I have a wonderful mother and I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me in my life! The most recent big thing she did is she took us to several Disney parks (thanks to McKay and Stephanie for getting us in) and then took the entire family on an amazing cruise!  She supports me with any decision I make and is always willing to listen to me.  I love you Mama!!!

Second, I will now update on the Disney part of my trip! On the Tuesday after graduation, Shane, Sam and I all boarded on a plane and headed off to Florida.  There we met up with my Mom and Neeha and went to McKay's house where we would be staying until the cruise. McKay works for Disney so he is able to get into the parks for free and up to five others for free as well.  So, each day they would drop us off at the park and then we would go do fun things.  Thanks again McKay and Stephanie for letting us stay at your house and getting us into your park. You really went out of your way, and I truly appreciate it!

Waiting in Line for the space ride

Neeha, Donald Duck and I

Not quite sure who he is, but great picture

After the long but fun day at EPCOT
The first park we went to was Epcot! My favorite ride there is SOARIN.  We ended up doing that one three times.  We also went on several other rides, saw some cool acrobats and enjoyed walking through many different countries.

We were trying to make our way home when we got lost and found something even more wonderful, TRUE chicago pizza!

Day two we headed on over to Magic Kingdom! Here we went on the classics Space and Splash mountain, Its a small world and many other rides. Probably one of my favorite things was this Monsters Inc. comedy show.  It is an interactive computer comedy show! So funny! And the thing that is crazy is the computer monsters would react to things that were happening in the audience right then, making priceless faces and great jokes right away! Not sure how they did it but it made me leave amazed and happy!

On the monorail to magic kingdom

A picture of the picture from Splash Mountain

Sam, Shane and Neeha on the Jungle Cruise

Buzz Lightyear ride

Buzz Lightyear ride

Buzz Light Year Ride

Shane's head was getting burnt so he bought a sweet hat! We are waiting
in line for Its a Small World After All

All of us at Magic Kingdom!
The last day of parks before the cruise we went to Hollywood Studios! That one was a lot of fun. Some of my favorites were the Star Tours, Rocking Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror!

Us on Rocking Roller Coaster... the girls may have been a little terrified!

Taking some pictures at fun photo spots

The Girls in front of the big hat

Shane and the hat. I decided to join his pic and make a funny face.

Another great photo moment at Hollywood Studios

Waiting for a 3D show to start

Tower of Terror, a favorite of ours

McKay and Stephanie joined us for Dinner!
We went to Animal Kingdom after the cruise! Another grand time but unfortuantely I didn't get those photos from my mom!

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