Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

The first Saturday in December, I did a Santa 5k Run.  Probably one of the most entertaining moments in my life.  It was a 5k race but with a little bit a Christmas cheer added to it.  We all had to dress up in Santa Suits for the run.  And during the run, at the drink stations they had the normal water but also they provided milk and cookies for anyone that wanted some! Even the Grinch was there and he would point in the wrong direction and try to get us to go the wrong way! It was pretty entertaining! Definitely one of my favorite runs just for the fact that I was surrounded by Santa Clauses and we all were running. 

Its Santa Clause!!!

Time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

Doing some Santa Exercises: Touch your Boots, Belly, Beard, Hat

Halfway through the run!

We did it!!!