Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow, another year has come and gone! I can't believe that we are just a few hours short of 2012!!! I am pretty excited for this new year but at the same time terrified because after April I have absolutely no idea what I am going to be doing with my life.  But in this year to come I can look forward to running a marathon and graduating! Both big things I would say!

But its time to do another little review of my past year...


Threw a huge Luau party to give everyone a break from the cold weather!

Jimmer time! Basketball games galore!

My camera would freak out sometimes but with this group of girls we got
100 dollars at the Sundance film festival for joking with a "famous guy"

Went to a dance party in my PJ's

Made some cinnamon rolls with this lovely lady and did our annual bike

Becky's bridal shower! Best Friend since Freshman year getting married!
Went to the Festival of Colors where we covered from head to toe in chalk

Becky's wedding day! Bridesmaid once again!

Alex and I drove to Logan to our dear friend Courtney
goodbye dinner! She is serving a mission!
Had one last hoopla before the semester ended at Brick Oven

Michelle and I found our perfect job: Hairdressers!

Attempt Squaw Peak: 3/6. Failed to reach the top but had many adventures
in the caves!

I turned 22!!!! Its my birthday party!

Had a weekend getaway with friends down to my house! Celebrated my
birthday with my family as well! Party never ends! 
Successfully finished my second half marathon!!

Many bike rides to Utah Lake

Parties at Becca's house

Went to Seattle and hung out with these cuties!
Epic Fourth of July Celebration.  This was the beginning at 6:30 in the

Bridal shower for Alex, the fantastic four reunited... kind of!

Went to Arizona where I hung out with Rachelle and her kiddies! This is
Riley and I on the boat cruise

The dreadful car accident happened...yeah, that wasn't fun

Scuba diving in San Diego with the Family!
Bridesmaid yet again: Leilani's wedding! Me and the cousins!

Moved out of the Riv... FOR GOOD!!!

Michelle and I at the soccer game with cosmo! I also got bangs this month!

Attempted Squaw peak two more times during this month... both failed!
Michelle, Thomas, and I at our stopping point. This attempt we
decided just to scale the mountain! 

We had front row seats for the football game!

The roommates celebrating Michelles birthday! We had a surprise
birthday party waiting for her at home!

We rushed the field after a football game!
Bridesmaid again! Ginelle got married!!! Becky, Ginelle and I at her wedding!

The crew hiking the timp caves!

I conquered a ragnar!!! Shea, Sarah, Me and Sarah! Team Jog 041

I had a pretty sweet halloween costume! I looked evil!
I went home for Thanksgiving! Had a grand time in Arizona!

Celebrated birthdays! 

Thomas did a charity party for Movember! (Hence the mustache!)
I ran a Santa Run! Most entertaining run ever!

I ended my year long Soda fast! Thomas and I at Firehouse subs!

The roommates and I celebrated Christmas morning!

Thomas and I went ZOOLIGHTS!!

Basketball games started back up again!

So all in all, 2011 was pretty great! Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for making it so amazing!!!

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