Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My roommates and I did our own Christmas Morning a couple Sunday's ago.  We all went to "sleep" after church and then woke up to presents under the tree! We were all in our pajamas and ready to open presents! We had a five dollar limit on our presents, so it was fun to see what we could do with our little budget! After we opened presents we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast, which was delicious cinnamon rolls!

Roommates by the Christmas Tree

Jane and I with what she got me!

Stacey and I with what she got me!

Michelle and I with our matching onsies and what she got me!

All of us with our new joys and wonders!

Its not Christmas morning unless there are cinnamon rolls

I love my roommates so much!!!

It was a great Christmas morning! Now, only a few more days left till the real one!!!

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