Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Pictures of You, Pictures of Me"

So, I read lots of blogs where people will post a picture a day or a picture a week and then have a little post about that picture. I decided I wanted to do that. I am not sure if I will do a picture everyday but maybe every other day or something. We shall see. So, here goes a random picture post!

These are some of my bestest friends, Corey and Jon. We went to Brick Oven the other week with a bunch of friends which was fun. They flirted the whole time with the waitress, which is typical! I guess in the end they won her heart and left their numbers for her and hung out with her a few days later.

However, with these two, I fear for my life sometimes! Corey and I fight, physically fight all the time! I guess one day he wanted to see if I would punch him. So, he tried to make me punch him, by kicking, punching, etc. I don't do that though, so it is more of me getting beat up on and trying to defend myself. Although, I have punched him now... almost a legit punch!

Jon on the other hand just chokes me! One time Corey and Jon were fighting. Jon thought it would be hilarious to take me as a prisoner, so he wrapped his arm around my neck and started holding me tight. He didn't realize just how tight it was. I screamed(well, to me it was a scream, everyone else said it was a lot quieter) trying to let him know I couldn't breathe, however, he thought it was all part of the play. So he lifted me up and got way more into it. By that point, everyone realized that I really couldn't breathe and he dropped me immediately. I struggled for a while but all was good after that. Now, Jon and I have a good little joke about this.

Anyway, they are my good friends and I still love them! Even though all the bumps and bruises. We took History of Creativity together in Salt Lake and had a two hour drive every Thursday. We would have lots of entertaining times, singing opera, cracking jokes, memorizing quotes for Jon's ROTC, and having some deep conversations!


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! Somebody brought me take-out from Gecko Grill, but I have never been there in person-----I will definitely have to put it on the list of things I need to do in AZ!

    If you want to take another quick weekend drive to AZ, it would be so fun to see you in July when we are there!!!!!