Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Its my birthday and I cry if I want to"

Okay, well, I have no plans on crying today, but it is my birthday!!!!

I had a huge party last night, mainly it was just for people to come and chat. I was going to play games and stuff but there was WAY too many people for us to be able to even move in my apartment, so that didn't work! But that is okay, I think people had fun just chatting with each other!

This is most everyone that came to the party. I think there was about 10 people who left before the picture was taken and about 10 people who came after the picture was taken!

This is me with my boys! These three are so sweet. They got me a Carrabbas gift card, 30 dollars! I am so excited to go there now and get some good food!

My friend Alex made my birthday cake! It was delicious! She is an amazing baker! If you want some stuff from her you should check out her blog. THanks so much again Alex!!!!

Now, I am on my way to Arizona! I am super excited for sunshine, warmth and family!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Tiare!!! Wow, you are loved! That is a HUGE birthday party!

  2. Happy Birthday! We were going to come, but I'm sick :( Boo! Love you!

  3. notice how many boys are there compared to are hot!

    Also, I love carrababas we should totally go!