Sunday, May 8, 2011

"I always love my mama"

Its Mother's day as everyone knows and I am doing a post all about her for it! I love my mother SO much!

My mom has always been an amazing example in my life. She taught me that we need to put others before ourself. My mom was constantly doing something for someone. Helping out with weddings, planning activities for people, helping others when it comes to struggles. I think this is where I got my constant desire to be doing something for others. I always see her planning things for others and now I am doing the same. She is the go to woman when people need help getting something done.

My mom taught me how to be independent. She never made decisions for me. Growing up, I hated this. I just wanted someone to give me all the answers. I am the worst at making decisions but still, she made me do it. Now, I am super grateful this. I am able to make my own decisions and I am independent. I have learned that I need make decisions for my own life and that no one else can do that for me.

My mom not only taught me to be independent with my decisions but also financially. When I had gotten to the age where I understood money, she made me buy anything I wanted on my own. She taught me that saving money is important. She can find the best deals... I still don't know how she does it but she is always finding items for an extremely low price. So now, I am always looking for the deals. I have money in my savings account, it may not be a lot but I have a little bit because my mom always stressed how important saving is.

My mom always taught me that running away from your problems is not the solution. One time when I was going through a really hard time I called her asking her to fly me home, just for the weekend. I just wanted to run away from all the problems that were here and she lovingly told me that she would use her free ticket for me to come home but that I needed to remember that when I come back the problems would still be there and maybe worse because I didn't deal with them like I should have. I didn't run away from my problems, I stayed here and I worked through them and I became stronger from the experience. I know that this is a lesson that I will always remember. I knew that she loved me and that she would let me come home but she also loved me enough to tell me something I needed to hear and but didn't at that moment want to hear.

She is an amazing mother. I know as children we each have done some crazy and stupid things but she still loves us. She came to my shows, she came to my dance performances, my musical performances, my sport games, ect. She drove me everywhere before I had a license and car to drive myself. I was in about 100 activities a day and she would make time to drive to all those locations.

I love you mom. You are amazing and I know that I have become who I am today because of you. You are my best friend. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.


  1. Hey remember that one time your mom saved my wedding?! and that other time she took my amazing engagements, and maternity pictures?! I love your mama, and the many talents she has!

  2. Tiare,
    I couldn't have gotten a better Mother's Day present than that beautiful tribute! Thanks for making my day. You are a wonderful daughter.

    And Jessica, thanks for your sweet comments. I love you too.