Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Doin things I never do, I'm in the Kitchen cooking things"

So, yesterday I decided I was going to cook myself a nice little lunch: rice, chicken and some vegetables. I was had been looking forward to this lunch all during class. As soon as I got home, I started cooking; we had some instant rice, which I am usually very against, but it was faster and what I needed to do because I had little time to prepare and eat. So, I put some rice in the microwave and get started on the other items of my meal.

I wasn't thinking all the way and placed the chicken on the pan that was on high, with zero oil on the pan. Quickly I tried to pour a little bit of oil into the pan and search for a spatula, which was near impossible to find. The oil starting sparking everywhere and the chicken was pretty stuck to the pan. I finally got the heat turned down and managed to save the chicken. After I calmed down from that, I decided to cut the peppers, but that wasn't working so well and peppers just ended up everywhere.

The whole time this was happening, I kept thinking about how the rice seemed to be cooking for a really long time, but I let it cook, trusting the box. As soon as I pulled out the rice, I faced the disappointing result. I learned something valuable though, if you cook rice too long, then it turns into one giant rice chunk. I had about two bites of rice with chicken and peppers and a giant mess!

This made me think of other moments in my life where my cooking turned out to be a fiasco. The grilled cheese freshman year, cheese ended up on the pan surrounding the two pieces of bread.

Break the fast Hawaiian Haystacks. Cooking for 200 people, and I decided to do the chicken sauce. My roommate was in the room helping me but had just left to get ready for church and Roxy our other committee person was looking for more pots. I had four HUGE pots on the stove at one time and everything was going as planned. I turned around for one second and I guess one second is all it takes. Chicken sauce was exploding every where! I got some all over me, it was all over the stove. I tried to turn down the heat but of course, in my frantic movements, I turned up the heat! More chicken sauce flying higher and farther! I managed to get the heat turned down. As soon as that was over, Stefenie and Roxy both came to see the kitchen after the battle scene.

Even though it wasn't great while it was happening, I love looking back at the experiences. I hope to one day be able to cook really well! I will probably have lots more of these moments along the way and I look forward to them!


  1. Don't stress about the kitchen disasters! Every good cook has them :-) Did I ever tell you about the time I turned the Baked Alaska pie into a big soupy mess? Or the time I lit the smores on fire in the oven during a YW activity? Or when I melted plastic wrap into the fudge (and I served it anyway)? You are turning into an awesome cook!!

  2. Tiare I love you so much! Only you could somehow ruin a grilled cheese sandwhich. haha keep trying you will get it! I know you are an amazing baker, bring some of those amazing brownies over here sometime!!