Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Its no surprise, I won't be here tomorrow"

It actually was quite the shocking news. A little over a week ago, a roommate of mine told us that she was moving out Monday morning. She told us Saturday night. Imagine our shock and sadness when we found out that she was moving out and so fast. Well, we couldn't just let her go without some kind of send off, so Tomo, Steve and Corey all came over later that night and we had a little goodbye gathering.

Martinelli's is something that my roommates and I have made some kind of tradition. If someone had a really bad day, we get out the Martinellis or if something super exciting happened to someone, we also get out the Martinelli. This helps give something nice to our bad days but something better to our amazing days.

I love these times because it is a great time to bond and celebrate with my roommates. We come together as a group and talk. For Rebecca's farewell, we had Martinelli's. We had to, she was leaving us. Corey brought over some pudding as well.

Rebecca we miss you lots! I hope everything is going great for you in California!

Corey couldn't handle it...
Sad faces in the toast

Corey and I super sad

Steve looking sad, Ginelle hiding her sadness

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