Monday, March 26, 2012

Raindrops keep fallin on my head

Today I finally have a day off and it is windy and rainy so  naturally I just want to curl up in a nice warm blanket and read a good book.  However, I have to run fourteen miles today(praying the wind stops for the rest of the day so I don't get blown away!), interview for a job, run errands I have been needing to do for like a week now, go to the doctor, work on the four videos I have, write my papers for my internship, get ready for my internship this week and go to FHE tonight. So, sadly I will have to take a rain check for reading a book all day and relaxing.

In other news, I may die after my run today! Thomas and I drove around last night trying to find a good route for my fourteen miles. By the time we reached seven miles, Thomas was already freaking out about how long the run was going to be. That was only half way...yikes! But he now has given me permission to complain after my run about how sore I am and gave me permission to sit around for the rest of the day!

I only have three weeks left of my internship! I can't believe it is almost over! Then it is finding a job and being on my own! Graduation is in 24 days!!!! I can't believe how close it is, that is so crazy!

Well, here are some pictures from the past week:

Thomas and I went up to Salt Lake last Sunday and
walked around Temple Square. It was really nice and relaxing!

Midnight showing of Hunger Games! Yeah, it was amazing!

On the way to Festival of Colors!

Michelle, Dallin, Stacey, Thomas and I at the Festival of Colors!

Okay, it is time for me to be productive!!!

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  1. Good luck on your run today! Have you ever used the gmap pedometer site? I always use it to plan out my route---lets you draw a route over a google map and gives you mileage details.

    Cute, cute pics! Somehow in all your busy-ness you still manage to have lots of fun :-)