Friday, March 16, 2012

"Leaving on a Jet Plane"

A couple weeks ago, my parents decided to fly Thomas and me down to Arizona because they had some free tickets they needed to use up.  So, of course we accepted this offer!

Friday right after my internship, my supervisor drove me and thomas to the airport.  We landed in Arizona around 9 something.  On the way home from the airport, we stopped at an all time favorite place of my parents, yodipity for some frozen yogurt.
In the airplane waiting to take off!

At Yodipity
The next morning, my dad and I had to run eleven miles for our marathon training so my mom and Thomas decided to walk while we did that. We went to the Tempe Town lake and ran around there, which is a very beautiful area of Arizona.  And I did it! I completed the eleven miles with very little walking!!!

After, we took an adventure to the Ghosttown nearby my house. We walked around, took several pictures and then the smell of waffle cones made us get some ice cream! We couldn't resist after smelling the deliciousness of freshly made waffle cones!

Mom and Dad at the Ghost town

Thomas and I with Superstition Springs Mountain

Whoops, Guess someone was in there

In the mine cart

The amazing waffle cones!

The pretty Desert
After that, we went to Joes BBQ which is this amazing BBQ place in Gilbert.  Then Thomas and I watched a movie while my parents went to their stake conference. We ended the night with a relaxing time in the Hot Tub.

Sunday, we went to church and then walked around the Mesa Temple! What better Sunday activity then that?
Monday we went for a hike in the morning. Then Thomas and I went swimming and then it was off the airport to return back to good old Utah again.

It was a great trip! Loved it all!

Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. So fun! I love that picture of you guys with the Temple! :)