Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Don't believe me, ask the dishes"... or see the picture

What is wrong with this picture:

Yes, that is a car parked right in front of the parking garage entrance/exit..... 

One night when it was time to take Thomas home, we got in the car like any other time. Except this time we pulled up to an unexpected blockage.  You don't normally think that there will be a car parked right in front of the driveway, but this night was different. 

So, Thomas and I headed back up to my place hoping that the police would get it fixed in no time and I could drive Thomas home. An hour later, back down to the garage just to find the car in the same spot and the policemen just standing around staring at the car. At this point, it was midnight so Thomas walked home,  in the rain at midnight. 

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