Thursday, March 31, 2011

"This will be an Everlasting Love"

Well, I am well on my way to being the 27 dresses girl! I think I was just in my 7th wedding. Just 20 more to go!
Pictures from some of the recent weddings:

My Brother and Sister in laws wedding.

Stefenie's and Bradon's Wedding

Jessica and Chase wedding.

But my best friend, Becky Davis is now Becky Madsen. Ginelle and I were her maids of honor. Yes, she had two and it was wonderful!

We started the day off by getting our hair done by Jessica! Thanks again Jess, we looked absolutely smashing because of you! After that we rushed to Salt Lake so we could help watch all the little kids. After some struggles of finding parking, we successfully made it to the Zions Bank building where the reception was going to be that night. The kids were crazy and kids usually are, but the parents came and picked them up. Of course, the only time it rained on that day was when we all were outside waiting for the happy couple to come out of the temple and then when we needed to take pictures. In the end, Ginelle and I got some great shots with umbrella's and I kind of enjoyed the rain.

Here is us with our facial expressions about the rain.

We were very excited for Becky to be married!

Being cute with the umbrellas!

After that, we had lunch at Bucca di bepo, a really tasty italian resturuant. Then all went to the reception hall to take more pictures and get ready for the reception. The reception was on the 18th floor of the Zions bank with three walls that are windows! It has an AMAZING view!

Somehow, I also ended up in the cake battle. Still not sure how...

I caught the bouquet! But don't get too excited that I am getting married next as my niece once told me "Tiare, Mommy says that you always catch the bouquet but you are never married" haha, she speaks the truth!

Now, Becky is married! That is such a weird thought but really exciting. She seemed way happy and so I am way happy for her!

Congrats to Becky and Mike!


  1. I am so glad I could help!

    By the way, remember when you use to say I want someone to get married so I can actually look good in a wedding? haha I think you look beautiful in all the weddings you have been in as of late!

  2. Haha, oh yeah! I forgot that I use to say that! Well, I guess I definitely got my wish... I have now been in plenty of weddings!! And Thank you Jess!