Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Colors of the Wind

Every March, there is a festival of colors at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork. I looked up what the symbolism is behind this festival because I was really interested to see what it was exactly that we were celebrating. So, if i am wrong, I apologize, this is just what I read on the Krishna temples website. I guess this festival of colors is to celebrate all the colors in India and the colorfulness of
India, their traditions, talents and many other things.

Anyway, this happens every march and is a big hit with all the BYU students. They have this festival all over the world, but the one in Spanish Fork is the biggest! This year, they had the festival going from 10-8, with the throwing of the colors every two hours! It is a really cool experience and a lot of fun!

A little tight though, we were in the middle of the huge crowd and everyone just starts crowd surfing. I got kicked in the face at one point, so it is just a little scary! But here are some pictures of yesterday's events!

This is everyone that I went with. Just in the beginning of getting all the colors put on us.

The girls in the bathroom after the event. We looked pretty nasty and were trying to fix our faces a little bit.

My friend Colling and the chalk in his mouth.

Tyler and I after the festival on the way home. We may have put 8 people in a 5 person car. So we got the comfortable spot of being in the very back of the car!

Christine, Mariah, and myself. Pretty excited about the days events!

So last year, my friend Spencer kissed a Llama. This year, I told Tyler I really wanted him to do it as well. I didn't think he would go through with it, but he did! He placed grass in his mouth and then kissed the Llama.

My future roommate Michelle and I! My face is still pretty clean at this moment!

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