Monday, November 29, 2010

"When Christmas Comes to Town"

Why I love Christmas:

-Every year my dad puts up Christmas lights and the Christmas tree. And every year with out fail he gets super frustrated and shouts "Bah Humbug". It would not be Christmas with out his shouts of frustration as the Christmas decorations are going up!

-I love Christmas music. It makes me super happy. I have this rule that you must wait until after Thanksgiving before you can play Christmas music but as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music 24/7.

-Everyone seems to be a little more giving. A lot more people start to focus on Service and helping each other out.

-Family time


- Its a time for us all to celebrate Christ and his birth. I love that our attention is focused on Jesus Christ.

and so much more

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  1. I love Christmastime too :-) And I had to laugh at the comment about dad....I totally remember the "Bah Humbug" every year.