Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Time of Your Life"

Well, I guess it has been a while since I have posted but I think I had a good excuse! I got married! And I have a strict rule of no facebook, blogging or really any social media when you are on your honeymoon! I hate it when people are on facebook on their honeymoon! Focus on your spouse, not the world! Anyway, after that little rant.... This post has two big parts to it. First, this is my annual year in review post, and I got to say, this year was very eventful! But that we will get to that in a minute.

 I have an announcement! Since I am now married, it is time for this blog to come to an end and to start my new married blog! Because a new song has begun! So, introducing The Dynamite Life of TNT and the new web address for that blog is:


So, please follow that blog from now on! It will blow your socks off! 

And now for the year in review!

 I started my last semester at BYU and didn't attend a single class. I an internship at the Center for Change with the Recreational Therapy department. We did Chinese Lanterns, built a sweet fort and had an awesome cook off. I even had a chance to get dressed up all pretty for a dance. (Too bad I had a bad experience with a man jumping on my foot and then a girl in stilettos jumping on that same foot!)


I finally had a boy on Valentines day and it was amazing! We also saw the most interesting parking job ever... right in front of my parking garages only exit.
 Thomas and I flew out to Arizona for a weekend so he could meet my parents for the first time. We also went to the Festival of Colors with some of my favorite people.


I did it, I graduated from BYU! A very triumphant moment for me. Another triumphant moment that happened in April was I finally made it to the top of Squaw Peak! I also said goodbye to my great roommates and moved out of Banbridge.


I went on my very first cruise!! We went to great places like Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel. I also got to do some pretty cool things like scuba dive, zip line and para-sail  A few days after the cruise, I headed up to Portland to meet Thomas' family for the first time. We spent time in the city, hiking and celebrating mothers day!


I ran my first and only Marathon! Didn't go that fast but I made it to the finish line and that is what counts! We hiked Mt. Olympus and headed down to Arizona for my cousins wedding.

 I went to my first ever rodeo! We also went up to Portland to celebrate the fourth of July. We did some pretty neat things and I experienced some new firsts like water rafting! We also hiked Mt. St. Helens. Then one of the biggest events of my life happened at the end of that month, Thomas asked me to marry him and I said yes!


I had the amazing chance to go be a part of my friend Michelle's wedding and I couldn't have been happier to be there for that. I also took another quick trip to Arizona to see Rachelle and the kids, Ryan and my parents. Thomas' family came to Provo to bring Thomas' brother to school and we spent a day in Park City!


doTERRA took over my life in September when they had their big convention.  But I still managed to spend lots of time with Thomas' doing hikes, eating waffle love, going to soccer games and going to football games.

 Thomas and I took our first real road trip with each other as we headed down to New Mexico to spend a weekend with Shane and Sam. We went to Santa Fe and the Balloon Festival. Thomas and I also ran the Halloween Half Marathon together. My mom came in town and we did crazy amounts of wedding planning and I got to have a family/Naperville Bridal shower! We also managed to get in the usual October activities like carving pumpkins and going to corn mazes.


Thomas and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together with some bowling and a great movie. We also froze as we cheered on the BYU cougars in football and soccer. 


 I would say this is my favorite month of the year! Thomas and I finally got married! We then headed out to California for our awesome honeymoon. We went to San Francisco and Monterrey Bay. We then headed to Arizona for Christmas at the Fortress.

There you have it! I loved this year, I don't think anything else could have made it better. I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and Christmas! Now go follow our new blog because this song has ended!

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