Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Going to the chapel"

Well, last weekend marked my third time being a bridesmaid this year! One of my dearest friends got married on October 8th.  Ginelle and Steve! Its so crazy that they are married now! I remember last year when she said that she thought she could like him.  Then after that I wanted to make sure we would invite him to everything! Then he liked her too! And they started to date!  One year later, they are a happily married couple!

She looked AMAZING!!!! Great story with her dress.  The original dress she got was ordered from China and it was HORRIBLE! Nothing like what it should be and she was stressed trying to find a new dress.  Two weeks before her wedding, Missy, Steve's friend, offered to make her dress! So, with two weeks to go before the wedding, Missy had to make a wedding dress! And she did it! She finished the dress the morning of the wedding and the first time that Ginelle tried on the completely finished dress was when she was in the temple getting ready to come out! But it turned out great and totally Ginelle.

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  1. How many dresses are you up to now? I think you need to keep a running count on the side of your blog :-)

    Crazy story about the dress!! That would have had me completely stressed out!