Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The heart of life is good"

I applied for graduation! Not only that, but I have been accepted for Graduation!!!!

Am I excited? Yes.  Am I scared? YES! For the past five years, I have had a solid identity.  I have been a student at Brigham Young University.  But once I graduate, I no longer have that identity.  Whats scarier is I have no idea what my identity will be.  I don't know if I will have a job, a place to live, money to survive and so much more! But, I try not to think about that.  Right now, I am focused on my last semester of classes.  In one month, I will have completed my last semester! Then its the internship! I am so excited, I will finally have a chance to learn what I will be doing in my real job! And I have a chance to really help and improve the quality of life!

Other news...

~I am on FOUR intramural teams! It has been a lot of fun and for the actual season, we weren't too good. But the tournament we have kicked it up a notch, or just got really lucky.

Soccer: We won our first game last night! And I scored my second goal of the season! It was a great game overall

Flag Football:  We won our second game last night! We are now in the final four of our division.  I hate to admit it but I think the only way we win is if the other team only has 5 girls and we have all seven of our girls there! But maybe not! We shall see!

Basketball: We won our first tournament game but lost our second.  I guess it is double elimination, so we have another game tonight. So we shall see what happens!

Volleyball: We won our first two games but then lost the second two.  I think that was because we only had two girls show up and a girl has to hit is at least once on each side.  And you can only have three guys on the court at once.  So, it made it a little tough, but its all good! Hopefully our next game we will have three girls there.

~I go home for Thanksgiving on Monday and I will be there until Saturday.  I am so excited for a break and to have a little adventure away from Provo.

~I made some pizzas on crescent rolls this past weekend with Thomas, Michelle and Wyatt.  That was a fun adventure. High recommend this way, easy and delicious.  You roll our the crescent rolls to they are like pizza crust, then put the pizza sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you enjoy.  Put it in the oven for ten minutes and walah! Delicious pizza's are ready to eat! Perfect for Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Anyone!!

~We had a football game on Saturday. And we dominated, so that was good.  But it was also really cold and we didn't stay long.  But Go BYU!

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